Accusation #15: Makes "Misleading" Assertion About Saturated Fat
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How Can the Atkins Corporation Just Say Saturated Fat is OK?
Corporations have a long history of downplaying the risks of their products. Though over the past decades millions of children have been poisoned by lead paint in the U.S., the Lead Industries Association once threatened to sue a public health advocate for daring to say that "lead paint was bad to eat."[1119] The asbestos industry also claimed that their product "offers no hazard to the worker."[1120] "I'm unclear in my own mind," said the Chairman of Philip Morris in 1998, "whether anyone dies of cigarette smoking-related diseases."[1121]

Even though hundreds of thousands of Americans die from smoking every year,[1124] the tobacco industry has not only tried to downplay its risks but has even attempted to brag about smoking's health benefits.[1125] Similarly, you argue the safety of your meat-centered diet based on 34 medical articles, even though there are well over a thousand articles detailing the adverse effects of saturated animal fat and cholesterol found in meat.[1126]
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