Accusation #15: Makes "Misleading" Assertion About Saturated Fat
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Atkins Implies the Type of Saturated Fat in Beef is Benign
In the "Truth About Fat" you argue that it is "absolutely" OK to consume more than 20% of calories in one's diet from saturated fat. "In fact," your website reads, "one-third of the fat in beef is stearic acid, which has been found to have a neutral or cholesterol-lowering effect."[1138] This is a classic deceptive tactic used by the chocolate industry.

If you go to the candy manufacturers' website, not only can you learn "Fun Facts About Candy"[1139] including "Candy does not promote tooth decay more than any other food,"[1140] but you can learn that indeed chocolate isn't bad for you because the predominant saturated fat, stearic acid, has a "neutral effect on blood cholesterol levels."[1141] Hershey's corporate website[1142] and that of the Mars candy bar corporation agree.[1143] So does the beef industry.[1144]

Even if stearic acid were benign, beef and chocolate also have other saturated fats, like lauric and myristic fatty acids, that do raise one's bad cholesterol[1145] and have been strongly linked with early heart attack.[1146] And stearic acid is far from benign. In fact, in the Harvard Nurse's Study, which followed over 80,000 women for over a decade, stearic acid was found to increase the risk of coronary heart disease even more than other saturated fats.[1147]

Though stearic acid might not affect cholesterol levels, its ability to thicken the blood and predispose it to clotting may be why it has been shown to be so pathogenic.[1148]
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