Accusation #8: Provides "Inaccurate Interpretation"
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Atkins Guilty of Inaccuracy
That study actually showed a significant reduction in the Framingham risk score in all diets except for the Ornish Diet, and the average weight loss on the ANA [Atkins Diet] was 6.4% after one year.

This is incorrect. The average weight loss on the Atkins Diet was 3.9%, not 6.4%.[857] You may have been confusing the Atkins Diet with Dean Ornish's low fat vegetarian diet that showed the greatest weight loss.

As documented in Atkins Comes in Last for Long-Term Weight Maintenance, there have been four long-term controlled studies of the Atkins Diet and not once did your diet significantly outperform the control "low fat" diets.[858-861] One was the Atkins versus Ornish, Weight Watchers and The Zone. Another also compared a low fat vegetarian (vegan) diet to the "Atkins Diet."[862] Those who ate as much as they wanted of the vegan diet lost an average of 52 pounds--60% more than those reportedly on the Atkins diet. That was an average weight loss not of 4-- or even 6%--but a loss of over 18% of body weight.[863]

For a discussion of the Framingham score finding, please see Dr. Ornish's explanation and our response to accusation #14.

It bears repeating that cardiac risk factors aside, the Ornish Diet has been shown to actually reverse heart disease,[864] whereas your diet has been shown to significantly worsen heart disease.[865]
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