Accusation #12: Makes "Unsupported" Arguments About Bone Risk
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Atkins Falsely Claims Followers are Getting Enough Calcium
Atkins offers a variety of foods rich in calcium in all phases of the program, including Induction...

Animal protein causes calcium loss, but studies have shown that if someone consumes enough calcium, they may be able to mediate the effects of that protein.[970] The problem is that the Atkins Diet can also be seriously deficient in calcium.[971] The Atkins "Debunking the Myths" webpage, though, calls such a charge just another "fallacy."[972] The "Fact" your website counters with is that "While you're doing Atkins you will get 100 percent of the Recommended Daily Intake of calcium..."[973]

According to independent nutritional analyses, this is incorrect. The estimated calcium content on the Atkins Diet during Induction in one analysis is 373mg,[974] less than 40% the Recommended Daily Intake.[975] Tufts calls the calcium content of the Atkins Diet (even after Induction) one of its "serious dietary shortfalls."[976]

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