Atkins Distorts the Record on Cholesterol
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Atkins Distorts the Record on Cholesterol
A rise in serum LDL levels is not an inevitable response to low-carbohydrate dietary regimens. Some studies report no statistically significant changes in LDL levels (Stern, 2004; Yancy, 2004) or a statistically significant reduction (Westman, 2002) in LDL levels.

As documented in the section of our website Atkins Distorted His Record on Cholesterol, the Atkins Diet has failed to consistently improve the single most important risk factor for heart disease, LDL, or bad cholesterol. Your website, however, claims "Almost every Atkins follower sees a drop in LDL ("bad") cholesterol."[995] Even Atkins-funded researchers concede that this is incorrect.[994]
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Atkins Facts:
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> Short-Term Side Effects
> All Long-Term Studies on Atkins a Wash
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